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Osteopathy was developed by the American doctor Andrew Taylor Still in 1874. Dr Still was the first physician to fully realize and investigate the profound relationship between the structure of the body and its function with respect to pain and general physiology.


Osteopathy is a “whole person” philosophy of medicine, where doctors of osteopathic medicine endorse an approach that treats the entire person, rather than a specific complaint. Attention is given to prevention, wellness, and helping the body to heal itself. Because the body is viewed as a whole, special focus is given to understanding body mechanics and the interrelationship of the body’s organs and systems.

Osteopathy Busselton

In Australia, Osteopaths are statutorily registered practitioners who have a five year, full-time university double degree. The training covers anatomy, physiology, pathology and general medical diagnosis in addition to Osteopathic technique. Osteopaths are primary care practitioners.

Osteopathy treats a broad range of conditions from new born to elderly, you can know more about it by visiting treatment and conditions.



Clinical Nutrition is the foundation of naturopathic medicine. The ever-increasing body of knowledge supports the use of wholefoods and nutritional supplements in the maintenance of health and treatment of disease.

Naturopathy BusseltonPhytomedicine,the use of plants as medicine has been with us since antiquity, the foundations of the pharmaceutical industry was based on plants and the active constituents. Naturopathic physicians are professionally trained herbalists and know both the historic use of plants as well as modern pharmacological mechanisms.

Homoeopathy/Low Potency Medicines activates the body’s own self regulatory mechanism allowing healing to take place. These varied and numerous medicines are designed to support the patient at various levels be it the emotional and spiritual wellbeing through to the physical and functional level of the body.

A Naturopath is trained in “nature care” including the practice of Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy and Remedial therapy.

Naturopathy places an emphasis on a preventative approach to healing and treating the causes of a disease state, rather than just treating the symptoms.

The philosophy of Naturopathy is a Holistic approach which addresses the whole picture, not just part of it, by using the healing power of nature. This means the body has its own healing power within, and with the right direction and treatment can repair itself and recover from illness if in a supportive, healthy environment.

A Naturopath aims to educate, empower and motivate a person to assume more personal responsibility for his/her health by adapting a healthy attitude, lifestyle and diet.

Massage Therapy – Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a deep massage done to create the conditions for the body’s return to normal health after injury.

Deep tissue massage removes blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions left after injury, speeds up recovery and encourages more complete healing.

Remedial Massage BusseltonRemedial massage is also used for conditions created by lifestyle for example Repetitive strain injury and Back pain. It is designed to increase the flow of blood and lymph, particularly in the injured areas.

Remedial Massage has particular success with long-standing back and compound injuries that have resisted previous treatment attempts. Sportsmen and women attend regularly to ensure that unnoticeably small injuries are treated before they reduce performance and become debilitating.

The intention is more to fix a mechanical problem. However all-round health improvement is seen: better sleep, increase in vitality and performance levels, as well as increased mobility.

Some common conditions that can be successfully treated are:

- Achilles Injuries

- Tendinitis

- Shin Splints

- Groin Strain

- Cartilage damage

- Tennis Elbow

- Frozen Shoulder

- Hamstring Injuries

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Scar tissue

- Adhesions

- Whiplash

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Repetitive Strain Injury